Let’s Review WiFi Security

I recently decided to update my wireless keys and I wanted to share some notes to help others understand what needs to be done to not only have a secure network but also one that performs well. Tip 1: Choose WPA2. WEP and WPA are both done for. In addition the 802.11n spec states┬áthat you […]

The Summer 2016 Build

This summer I had the opportunity to build my next gaming PC. I had previously had a Shuttle SX58J3, Intel Core i7-930, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1GB build for an impressive 6 years (!!!) before deciding the time was right to go for a new build. I had moved out of the parent’s place about […]

Hello World

I am pleased to be able to introduce myself. I am Joseph Scott from the United Kingdom. I have recently moved away from a family business where I was employed as an IT & Marketing consultant and have started life as a technical consultant with a specialisation in financial systems.